Machine Shop

We are your one-stop machine shop.

All our machine work is performed in house. We utilize the latest in CNC technology to deliver the highest quality work possible. We have extensive experience in most engines from small gas single cylinder engines to large tractor trailer diesel engines. We take pride in all the work we do, and would love the opportunity to talk with you about your next project.

Below are some of our more common services:

  • Cleaning, Shot Peening, and Media Blasting
  • Pressure Testing and Magnaflux (check for cracks)
  • Resurfacing Heads, Decking Blocks
  • Valve Jobs (machining seats and valves)
  • Boring and Honing Cylinders
  • Sleeving Cylinders
  • Crankshaft Grinding and Polishing
  • Align Honing and Line Boring
  • O-Ringing Blocks and Heads
  • Blueprinting
  • Balancing of Rotating Assemblies
  • Resizing Connecting Rods, Pin Fitting Rods
  • Babbitt Bearing Pouring and Machining
  • Flywheel Remachining
  • Lifter Remachining

Full Price List (PDF)