Engine Restorations

We specialize in restoring engines.

There are very few shops in the country that specialize in just classic engines - and restorations of these engines. Our passion for classic and antique American automobiles has lead us to develop our engine restoration process to be second to none.

We take pride in each of our engine restorations and builds, giving the time needed to fully research every detail of the project, and delivering an engine that exceeds your expectations.

Classic American Muscle

Let us build the engine in your muscle car! We have the resources and expertise to build and properly restore all of the classic American muscle car engines - and do performance modifications. We can take your worn-out tired old engine and return it to better-than-factory condition.

Willys Jeep Engines

One area we are particularly experienced in is the rebuilding and restoration of Willys-Overland and Jeep engines and transmissions. Most of us here drive Jeeps and have a passion for them. Our rebuild and restoration service includes all the major Willys and Jeep engines, including:

  • "Go-Devil" L134 cu.in. 4-cylinder Flathead
  • "Hurricane" F134 cu.in. 4-cylinder F-head
  • "Lightning" L148 and L161 6-cylinder Flatheads and F-heads
  • "Super Hurricane" 226 cu.in. Flathead 6-cylinder
  • "Tornado" 260 cu.in. OHC 6-cylinder
  • "Dauntless" 225 cu.in. Odd-Fire V6
Apart from those listed above, we have extensive experience in the rest of the Jeep line, including AMC inline-sixes and AMC V8s.

A fresh Studebaker engine...

This Studebaker 289 V8 engine was completely overhauled and restored by Classic Motors & Machine.